T20 Regional Seminar on Innovation and International Technology Diffusion

Think 20 Turkey


"Under the Turkish Presidency of the G20, the Turkish Think-20 (T20) organized a two-day seminar on “Enhancing Innovation and International Technology Diffusion” in Berlin on 18 and 19 May 2015, bringing together representatives from government, business and academia from G20 countries. The seminar was hosted by the Economic Policy Forum (EPF) and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV).

The aim of the seminar was to develop draft ideas for a common G20 Framework and international policy environment for innovation and technology diffusion based on existing best practices in the private sector as well as public-private institutions and model instruments. A set of key messages and recommendations on policies for an international framework for innovation has been developed. The aim is the formulation and release of a G20 Framework on Innovation and Technology Diffusion that serves as recommendation for policies for innovation to a wider audience including G20 and non-G20 governments and businesses.

Participants in the roundtable included policy experts and analysts on innovation processes, business representatives and investors, government officials and practitioners from institutions designed to function as innovation incubators. They highlighted different institutional, sectorial and financial challenges and ways in which governments can support and speed up innovation processes and cross-border technology diffusion. Specific business cases, as well as cluster and institutional models and policies for innovation that exist or are taking shape in China, Brazil, the EU, Israel, Japan, Turkey, and the United States as well as non-G20 countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam were presented during the workshop.

The T20 Berlin seminar set the foundation for the development of a G20 Framework on Innovation and Technology. The recommendations will be made available to the Turkish Presidency by September 2015. A first draft was discussed at the T20 Workshop in Izmir and conveyed to the Turkish G20 Sherpa during the G20 Sherpas’ meeting on 16-17 June 2015 in Bodrum..."

T20 Regional Seminar on Innovation and International Technology Diffusion