Relevant Topics for the Think-20 Debate

Guillermo Wierzba (Director of CEFID-AR);

with the collaboration of Veronica Grondona (researcher at CEFID-AR);

the special inputs of the CEFID-AR researchers: Andrea Urturi, Fabian Amico, Jorge Gaggero, Pablo Mareso, Rodrigo Lopez and Sol Rivas

and the editorial assistance of Andrea Medina (researcher at CEFID-AR).


Feb 2015

In the T20 sessions, parallel to G20, carried out in Moscow, in December 2012, an “alternative vision” of the global crisis was presented [Gaggero, Amico y Kupelian; 2012]. Many of the observations made at that moment are applicable to date.

A central question in today’s presentation, which was not developed at that time, is that of the sovereign debt restructurings. This topic requires to be addressed from the perspective of the need to construct a regulatory framework which provides stability to the sovereign debt restructurings. The uncertainty towards the current absence of regulation makes it virtually impossible for governments that are confronting a payments crisis, to face successful debt restructurings due to the future risk that the attacks of the Vulture Funds imply in the current international context...