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    Startup Visa Programs in the G20 Countries

    Ayşegül Aytaç & Ussal Sahbaz


    The gap between male and female participation in the labor force, youth unemployment, and shortages of skilled labor are just some of the global issues of significance discussed during Turkey’s presidency of the G20. Although the G20 has committed to reducing the gap between male and female participation in G20 countries by 25% by 2025, there is no such G20 target for youth unemployment, which reached 13.1% globally in 2014. Moreover, across G20 countries it is projected that 15% of youth will be permanently left out of the labor market by 2025. For this reason, in order to integrate especially younger people into the labor market and also stimulate innovation, a significant number of countries are seeking to ameliorate these problems by launching specific visa programs for entrepreneurs.


    How to catalyze private money into infrastructure investments?...

    Anna Kurguzova & Ussal Sahbaz


    Countries across the globe experience a large and growing gap between infrastructure needs and the resources that governments have historically invested in meeting those needs. There is a big pool of literature on how to close the infrastructure gap. Multilateral institutions, international organizations, as well as private-sector companies, have all contributed to this pool.


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    Three topics highlighted by the Think 20 are included in the Antalya Communique

    T20 Turkey


    Internet. The word “Internet” was for the first time adopted in a Leaders Communiqué. Paragraph 26 included two important statements on internet technologies. First, it called for cooperation on cyber security, especially against attacks on businesses. Second, it called for broader access to the Internet, which is an important driver of economic development.

    The T20’s studies had emphasized the effect of the Internet on economic development, cyber security and data protection. It argued that achieving the G20’s developmental goals required overcoming the digital divide. T20 held a special session on Internet economy at its Izmir Workshop in June, and recently published a policy note on Internet and the G20.


    Think-20 Chair’s Statement

    T20 Turkey


    Now in its fourth year, the Think 20 (T20) is an official engagement group of the G20. This year, the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), an independent think tank in Ankara, coordinated the T20 activities. The T20 serves as an “ideas bank” for G20 governments, bringing innovativeness to the G20 agenda. In this role, T20 develops new policies, new ideas, new initiatives, and new projects to support the agendas of G20 policymakers and other official G20 engagements groups.


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