Ankara, January 7, 2015TEPAV Event: “The T20 Advisory Council” meeting
Istanbul, February 10-11, 2015TEPAV - CIGI Joint Event: “Think20 Launch Event”
Seoul, February 26, 2015TEPAV - KIEP Joint Event: “KIEP-TEPAV Think20 Dialogue: G20 Priorities in Turkish Presidency”
Ankara, March 13, 2015TEPAV - KIEP Joint Event: “Sharing Experiences in G20 Cooperation between Korea and Turkey”
Washington, April 16, 2015TEPAV Think20 Event: “Challenges to the Global Economy and the Role of the G20”
Ottawa, May 4-5, 2015TEPAV – CIGI Joint Event: “Financial Stability and Reform”
Berlin, May 18-21, 2015TEPAV – EPF Joint Event: “Innovation and Technology & SMEs”
Bodrum, June, 12-15, 2015TEPAV Event: Think20 Workshop: A Stocktaking on Turkish Presidency
Adis Ababa, July 13, 2015TEPAV - Network of Southern Think-Tanks (NeST) - Civil 20 Event: “Priorities of the Turkish G20 Presidency”
Adis Ababa, July 14, 2015TEPAV - Coalition for Dialogue on Africa, the World Bank Group, UNDP, Business 20 Event: “Business as Contributor to the SDGs Implementation“
Shanghai, July 27-28, 2015TEPAV - CIGI – SIIS – Lowy Institute Joint Event: “G20 and Energy Governance” conference
Beijing, July 30- August 1, 2015RDCY-CASS-SIIS- TEPAV International Conference: 2015 G20 Think Tank Summit “Global Governance and Open Economy”
Ankara, September 4-5, 2015TEPAV - Lowy Institute Joint Event: “T20 Workshop Ankara”
Mumbai, October 19, 2015TEPAV - Gateway House Joint Event: “T20 meeting: Turkey, India and the G20”
Antalya, November 12, 2015University of Toronto, Lowy, CIGI, RCDY, HSE, Griffith University - TEPAV Event: Pre-Summit Conference: Improving the G20’s Accountability
Antalya, November 13, 2015TEPAV Event: ”Innovation - 20 Summit”
Antalya, November 13, 2015World SME Forum - TEPAV - B20 Event: “World SME Forum Conference: The World SME Forum as a bridge for action on SME development across Turkey B20 2015 and China B20 2016”
Antalya, November 14, 2015TEPAV - UNDP Event: ”Think 20 Summit Global Policy Dialogue Conference / Sustainable Development: Towards Implementation”