Internet Governance and G20


"I am pleased to be here today representing the Global Commission on Internet Governance, launched by CIGI and Chatham House.

We believe the Internet is at a critical point in its development. The tone of the debate on Internet governance has become more discordant of late. Strong competing interests are pushing for increased government control and a greater voice in the governance of the Internet – both its infrastructure and what we do with it. The outcome is not at all clear, but whatever the result it will certainly affect a broad sweep of entangled economic, technical, regulatory, political and social interests.

The Commission’s goal is to provide guidance for addressing the interests and values of all states – both for the advanced democracies and for states that are uncertain about the future of multi-stakeholder governance on issues including governance legitimacy, regulation, innovation, online rights and systemic risk.

That is an ambitious task. But as the slides we saw yesterday made clear, the G20 clearly understands that the Internet already plays a vital role in our economy and our societies. In stable conditions, that role can only grow. But it also creates major challenges. Consider just some of the disruption we have experienced:.."

Internet Governance and G20