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Now in its fourth year, the Think20 (T20) is an official engagement group of the G20. This year, the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), an independent think tank in Ankara, coordinated the T20 activities. The T20 has a different purpose from the other engagement groups because it is not an advocacy platform; it does not campaign on behalf of a specific social group with a defined set of priorities. Building on an ideal first articulated at the inaugural Think20 meeting in Mexico City, the T20 serves as an “ideas bank” for G20 governments, bringing innovativeness to the G20 agenda. In this role, T20 develops new policies, new ideas, new initiatives, and new projects to support the agendas of G20 policymakers and other official G20 engagements groups.

The following documents aim to summarize the discussions of T20 meetings throughout the year and to present a set of recommendations for the G20. In the following papers on Macroeconomic Coordination and Financial Stability, Trade and Investment, and Inclusivity and Competition, T20 recommendations are articulated mostly as “policy options” and sometimes as “policy positions”. The discussions at T20 events in 2015 and T20 network policy papers form the basis of recommendations. The fourth, “Infrastructure Financing and Sustainable Development” is a joint T20 paper of the Think 20 Turkey Infrastructure Working Group.

Macroeconomic Coordination and Financial Stability

Trade and Investment for Development

Inclusivity and Competition

Infrastructure Financing and Sustainable Development